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Navigating Conflict- by Paulette Hansen

It’s impossible to avoid conflict at home, at work, in life in general.  It’s impossible to choose whether or not to have conflict, we can only choose how to respond in the face of a conflict.  We can deny, avoid, give up, or walk away, but those actions leave our problem unresolved which can lead to […]

The Real Danger in the College Enrollment Downturn

I was having a discussion with a client about some career services challenges when the conversation turned to projections for the 2014 cohort. “One important thing to remember” I said, “is that new enrollments are down, so many of the graduate employment issues we are discussing today are going to self-solve in the near future.”

Winner Winner- Chicken Dinner!

Recently, I had a scheduling conflict which forced me to turn down an offer to conduct an In-Service Workshop on effective communications for a school that I really wanted to visit.  The job came to me via a contact (networking) who was trying to recommend a speaker to someone in her network who asked for […]

“To be or not to be?” This is the question…

One thing I thoroughly enjoy about LinkedIn is the ability to observe what works with respect to networking and what doesn’t.  LinkedIn is very similar to life; people with original ideas, thoughts and comments get noticed, people seek them out and they are highly interesting. More often than not I observe people sitting back being […]

Are “Experts” killing your business?

Here’s the thing about expertise, when we believe we are Experts- we stop learning, seeking new information, and above all else we stop listening to others. We’ve all worked with a person who believes they are an expert in many, if not most areas related to their profession.  (Perhaps you’ve been this person at one […]