Online Learning

Evaluate existing online programs or explore new markets. Improve your operation and prepare for growth.  Leap from data to insightful information.


Increase lead-to-start yield. Improve enrollment velocity. Drive excellent student experience. Build predictive analytics that translate to better results.

Student and Career Services

Improve early-tenure student success. Identify struggling students and mitigate risk. Improve employment outcomes. Gain essential student lifecycle insights.


Revisit a presentation that we’ve made.  Utilize our checklists. Watch our videos.

Actionable Data


The Sparrow Group consultants include experts in education information systems with the capability to evaluate your existing reports and tools, recommend new systems (including SIS, CRM and other reporting tools), as well as to assist you with building database warehousing and reporting tools.

Consulting Services

consultingServicesThe Sparrow Group is an affiliation of subject matter experts.  We don’t have a full-time staff of high-paid consultants, which means you can get exactly what you need, at an affordable price.  We will work with you to design an hourly, project-based, or retainer engagement that will meet your needs, and give you access to the right information and expertise at the right time.

Speaking and Training


Our speakers and trainers are often among the highest-rated speakers at conferences including events such as CITE, APSCU Annual Convention, and others, and our webinars have been attended by thousands of people.  Visit our Resources page for video snippets and links to our webinars and internet radio shows.


We provide free initial consultation to review your needs and let you know what, if anything, we may be able to assist you with.