What We Do

The Sparrow Group is proud of our “on the ground” experience.  Our consulting team is comprised of people that have actually run schools, build entirely new programs, designed new products for major publishing and EdTech companies, and/or have turned around existing programs.

Because of this practical, tactical experience, we are uniquely qualified to assist you with evaluating your current approach and advising you on your best course of action to drive the results you seek.

Our clients span the range from small proprietary schools to Fortune 100 multi-national education technology companies, and everything in between.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs, please contact us today at: info@SparrowGroup.biz or call us at 303-257-6222.

Examples of our engagements

Design, build and implement new student services product for international publisher

Evaluate and redesign career services processes and organizational structure for multi-campus university system

Design and build admissions program for large prestigious international university to launch online brand

Design and build admissions program for large prestigious international university to launch online brand

Retention audit to evaluate student retention and engagement initiatives against best practices and design new programs to improve student retention

Feasibility study for new virtual high school

Faith-based college online readiness assessment

Evaluated and redesigned student success reporting for major online R1 University

Built student recruiting database warehouse for all lead gen and admissions pipeline reporting


The Sparrow Group is expert at understanding K-12 and Higher Education success measures. We will work with your Data Sciences team to develop insightful reports and translate data into action.


Our team has built and implemented programs around the world.  We have each operated schools before and understand how to translate today’s processes or concepts into tomorrow’s high-performance operation.


Dynamic speakers with highly interactive content on topics ranging from the basics of campus operations to advanced executive leadership.  From actionable data to human resource management, and everything in between.

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