If you need theory and overview, The Sparrow Group can introduce you to someone like that.

If what you need is practical, tactical ideas – processes and procedures — you’ll want to talk to us.  We’ve operated campuses, built online programs and worked with dozens of companies and campuses.  If we haven’t actually done it ourselves, we’ve been exposed to many examples of how it’s done well (and often, how not to do it, too!)

Exposure to best Practices

Because we work with schools all over the world, from preschool to PhDs, we have perspective on learning outcomes, team management and school operations that will immediately give you ideas about how to make positive changes, what to look for in the data and how to ensure sustainable benefit from your change management initiatives.

The Consultant “Cloud”

We are unique in our approach to talent management.  The Sparrow Group does not reside in an elegant office near a great coffee shop.  In fact, more often than not, our office is the coffee shop.

We have constructed a well connected, technology-enabled “cloud” of experts.  From the C-suite to front-line managers, our team of consultants are experts in their operating areas. They all own their own businesses and come together for important projects that require their specific expertise.

You Gain Efficient Access to Top Talent

Instead of paying for heavy overhead and a small herd of talented people that sit on the bench all year — you pay for the people you need, only when you need them.

We are more nimble, more affordable and, most importantly, more talented than traditional consulting firms.

The evidence is in our portfolio of high-impact projects, many of which drove positive ROI within weeks of the engagements commencing.  That only happens when astute subject matter experts identify the “low hanging fruit” and work quickly in partnership with your leadership team to make the small (but important) changes that add up quickly.

Call us today to learn more about the team we will assemble for your project.


Increase lead-to-start yield. Improve enrollment velocity. Drive excellent student experience. Build predictive analytics that translate to better results.

On-Line Learning

Evaluate existing online programs or explore new markets. Improve your operation and prepare for growth.  Leap from data to insightful information.

Student and Career Services

Improve early-tenure student success. Identify struggling students and mitigate risk. Improve employment outcomes. Gain essential student lifecycle insights.

We have worked with . . .