What’s Cookin’ at The Sparrow Group

We are very excited to have put the final touches on our innovative “Ready 4 Work” program.  This program leverages what we’ve learned through our highly successful “Portfolio Project” and the “WOW” incentive program — and creates one comprehensive, two-part program that covers every component of Career Services effectiveness.

From Admissions to Alumni Relations, the Ready 4 Work program ensures that student expectations are set properly, that they become prepared to gain employment when they graduate, and that they communicate with you after graduation.

In the now-infamous words, “it takes a village” we have come to know that Career Services cannot achieve employment success without the help of academics, and all other departments on campus.  We hope you’ll contact us for more information about Ready 4 Work, so you can see how easy it can be to the get whole campus involved in, and excited about, great employment outcomes!

Martha — martha@sparrowgroup.biz