Change our Minds

We get to choose — today, more than ever — where we are going to get our news, and whom we will trust to tell us how we should feel about what’s going on around us.

Unfortunately, we’re all choosing to go only to those places that “agree with us” and our views are getting more and more extreme, and seemingly, we are getting less and less tolerant of differing opinions.

This week, choose to get your news from someone new.  Listen with an open mind, and do some research to understand how they arrived at their opinions, and then spend some time figuring out what you CAN agree with.  If we all went through this exercise every week, I suspect we’d find new views, and ultimately, new solutions to the questions that are challenging us currently.

Dare to change your mind this week.  On one thing, or maybe several.  Then, dare to respectfully help someone change theirs, too.